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CVBG produce a quarterly newsletter, containing reports from our visits, study days and recording sessions, contributions from our members, book reviews and news of other vernacular building and local history related events in the region. Below the link is a brief (and not exhaustive) precis of the contents of the newsletters. We've been surprisingly busy over the last few years!

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Newsletter No 39, March 2023

Report on historic farmsteads survey in Bretherdale, by Helen Evans; Report on Countryside Podcast on Askham by Alexandra Fairclough (listen at Askham- A vernacular celebration); The repair of roofs and chimneys by Paul Lewis; Report on Paul Lewis' Zoom talk on Craggs Farm, Eskdale, by John McDowell; Report on June Hall's Zoom talk recounting the VAG conference in 2015, organised by CVBG (see also Newsletter 8 in 2015)


Newsletter No 35, March 2022

Report on Christmas dinner at Broad Leys; note on roofing slates at Naddle by Alan Smith; note on Clay Dabbins by Peter Messenger.

Newsletter No 36, Summer 2022

Report on a talk and walkabout of the village of Newbiggin and a visit to Chapel Farm; note on Cruck Frames at Blackwell House, Carlisle, exposed by redevelopment; a walkabout and visit to Winton Hall and Manor House, with reports by Paul Lewis; report on visits to water mills at Warwick Bridge and Milton, near Brampton.

Newsletter No 37, Autumn 2022

Report on a visit to Fallen Yew, Underbarrow, with Dan Elsworth of Greenlane Archaeology; report on an exhibition of art pertaining to vernacular buildings of the Lakes, Dales and Pennines at the Ruskin Art Gallery; report on a visit to Scales Hall, Skelton, with Paul Lewis; reports on Zoom talks ; report on CVBG AGM in Appleby.


Newsletter No 31, March 2021

Coronavirus news (descriptions of events cancelled or postponed); Richard Wilson on wrestler slates in SW Cumbria; Graham Brooks on slate drying floors in corn drying kilns; report by Claire Jeffrey on VAG (online) Winter Conference; Allan Steward reporting on an unusual structure in Over Staveley.

Newsletter No 32, June 2021

Coronavirus news (descriptions of events cancelled or postponed- and some that took place); Special report on towers in Cumbria by Niall Logan; Observations on wrestler slates by Alan Smith; members photos of fire windows.

Newsletter No 33, September 2021

Coronavirus news (descriptions of events cancelled or postponed- and some that took place); Report on the in-person AGM at Finsthwaite and visit to Stott Park Bobbin Mill; more on wrestler slates by Rose Lord; Stephe Cove on an interesting lintel at Whetstone Croft, Broughton; report on Paul Lewis' Zoom talk on Gaythorne Hall; June Hill on the evolution of house plans.

Newsletter No 34, December 2021

Chapel Farm, Newbiggin

Reports from guided walk of Ravenstonedale and visit to Hills Tower, Dumfries; notes for building recording by June Hill; Graffiti in barns by Rose Lord.


Newsletter No 27, March 2020

Coronavirus news (descriptions of events cancelled or postponed until further notice); report on 'Marks on Buildings' VAG Winter Conference in Leicester; report on 'Along the Lines', two events in January and February, where members recorded vernacular buildings of differing geologies across the county.

Newsletter No 28, June 2020

With all events postponed, contributions from the Committee: Graffiti in 19th century houses, by Dan Elsworth; Blackhouses of the Outer Hebrides, by Mike Kingsbury; A week in Romania: the traditional farm buildings of Rimit, by Hannah Kingsbury; Seventeeth century carved decoration in the Ayle valley, by Richard Wilson; The only windmill in Westmorland? by Claire Jeffrey; Chapel Farm, Newbiggin, near Stainton, by June Hill

Newsletter No 29, September 2020

With all events postponed, contributions from the Committee and Members: The bank barn at Dunthwaite House, by Paul Lewis; Thatched properties in North Cumbria, but John McDowell; Abbeytown and Kingside Hill, by Barbara Grundy; Elements of landscape survival: fields, buildings and custom, by Peter Messenger; Mr Thomson's Stonehouse, by Bruce Bennison

Newsletter No 30, December 2020

With all events postponed, contributions from the Committee and Members: Vacances en Provence, by Ian Andrew; The Cleits of St Kilda by June Hill; What was this building for? By Graham Brooks; Recent dendrochronological dates for the Sir John Barrow Cottage, Ulverston, by Dan Elsworth


Newsletter No 23, March 2019

Notes on architectural mouldings in and around Carlisle, the use of probate records for house histories, report on a heritage skills event on the conservation and maintenance of cast iron railings

Newsletter No 24, June 2019

Reports on the second iteration of the Appleby Heritage Action Zone Day, Flookburgh Village Walkabout with Helen Evans and Dan Elsworth, Rosgill Houses and Barns with Sue Bletcher and Lizzie Lindwall

Newsletter No 25, September 2019

Reports on visits to Mauds Meaburn, Barns and Farmhouses in the Swindale and Naddle valley and notes on finds at Townend, Troutbeck and a fireplece inscription St Andrews Square, Penrith

Newsletter No 26, December 2019

Report on the 2019 AGM at Newbiggin Hall, Temple Sowerby, and the Burgh by Sands study day on the Vernacular/Polite Interface in Cumbria (see 2020 publication). Report on the exploration of the Pennine-edge villages of Croglin, Newbiggin and Cumrew


Newsletter No 19, March 2018

Discussion of a possible warping frame used within the Post House in High Newton by David Shore, Troutbeck study day on doors and windows, with illustrations from A History of Architecture on the Comparative Method by Sir Banister Fletcher, from 1945

Newsletter No 20, June 2018

Report on Whitehaven walkabout, historic sites and buildings in and around the town, a note on door canopies in the Appleby/Shap area by June Hill, report on a visit to Rydale Folk Museum in Hutton-le-Hole, North Yorkshire, with its collection of re-erected buildings of various types and ages and a report on a walkabout in Askham near Penrith

Newsletter No 22, December 2018

Report on Appleby Heritage Action Zone study day, Report on plan form workshop in Ulverston, with talks on archaeological longhouses and double pile houses


Newsletter No 15, March 2017

'Vernacular interiors' study day at Swarthmoor Hall, Tirril house history, farm buildings of the Solway, CVBG Grants scheme, vegetable building materials

Newsletter No 16, June 2017

Yanwath Hall visit, Appleby Heritage Action Zone, Honister slate mine visit, Glenochar Bastle, Fermtoun and Biggar Museum visit with SVBWG

Newsletter No 17, September 2017

High Newton walkabout, farmbuildings of the Westmorland Dales, Dent visit, fifth AGM at Naworth Castle

Newsletter No 18, December 2017

Askham Hall Christmas lunch, report on demystifying roof structures study day and visits, Dendrochronology and Baltic timber marks by Dan Elsworth


Newsletter No 11, March 2016

Duddon longhouses

Report from the VAG conference (Alston and the Borderlands tour), recording at Hackthorpe and a short paper on decorative rainwater goods

Newsletter No 12, June 2016

'The Farmstead' study day and visit to Schose Farm, Penrith urban vernacular visit, Cartmel village walkabout, Newby Hall visit

Newsletter No 13, September 2016

Townend conservation repairs visit, Duddon longhouses (and Duddon valley houses tour), vernacular revival visit, fourth AGM at Millbeck

Newsletter No 14, December 2016

'Building materials-animal vegetable mineral' joint event with the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society (CWAAS) as part of their 150th birthday celebrations, documentary research workshop, Matthew Hyde Obituary


Newsletter No 7, March 2015

Mosedale building recording, 'urban vernacular' study day at Kirkby Londsdale

Newsletter No 8, June 2015

'Grasmere in the time of Wordsworth' study day, history of Newton Rigg college, Allonby walkabout

Newsletter No 9, September 2015

Report on CVBG organising the national VAG conference (central Lakes tour), visit to Drybeck Hall, third AGM and tour of Cartmel Fell halls, note on mullions and transoms

Newsletter No 10, December 2015

Report from the VAG conference (north Cumbria tour), Caldbeck 'Industrial Vernacular' study day, Ron Brunskill obituary


Newsletter No 3, March 2014

'Out of the Ground' building materials study day

Newsletter No 4, June 2014

Alston walkabout, Sedbergh recording weekend, Bastles and Peels tour, dating cruck buildings in Furness

Newsletter No 5, September 2014

Second AGM and walk around Hawkshead and Colthouse, Furness villages walkabout, Crosby Garrett and Musgrave tithe barns

Newsletter No 6, December 2014

'The Great Re-build' study day


Newsletter No 1, July 2013

CVGB launch and details of events

Newsletter No 2, December 2013

First AGM at Acorn Bank, and 'The Hearth' study day

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